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Trip to Minnesota

Minnesota Two summers ago, when I was eleven, I was told we were going to go on a fishing trip. I didn’t know that I would be in Minnesota for a week, but I learned that time with family is valuable. The day came of the fishing trip and in the back of my dad’s truck I saw containers filled with clothes. Not knowing what they were for I got into the truck and found sleeping bags, baseball gloves and baseballs stuffed under the seat. At this point, I started asking my parents what we were doing and where are we going. My parents just smiled at each other and told my brother and I it was a surprise. We headed out to my grandparents’ house to get more supplies for the trip. I didn’t even know all my family was going to be there, my aunt and uncle were there with their four girls, and my other aunt and uncle, and my grandparents were coming too. Even though I didn’t know what was going on and where we were going, I found fishing poles meaning that we were at least going fishing. My dad show…

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